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On the next page, disable the toggle for Game Mode. An antivirus checks file integrity in the background, which in turn eats disk usage. Having multiple antiviruses will further make your computer slow. Installing an antivirus on Windows 10 is avoidable as the OS comes with Windows Defender pre-installed. In case, your PC is attacked by some rogue virus and Windows Defender is unable to remove it then we recommend installing Malwarebytes to clean up your PC.

Malwarebytes will speed up Windows 10 and also remove malware and rogue programs. You should now see a performance jump on your Windows 10 PC. It uses computers on the local network to transfer chunks of Windows update files to the nearby PC. If you keep it turned on, then your PC may be used as a node to connect with other PC for sending update files.

Also, it eats your bandwidth bringing down the overall performance of your PC. So, to turn it off and drastically speed up Windows 10, follow the steps listed below: 1. Change Privacy Settings 1. It will prevent your PC from sending huge amounts of data in the background.

Note: There are many options under the Privacy Settings. We recommend you go through each menu and decide if you want to hand over your data to Microsoft. If not, disable it then and there. It will stop constant telemetry in the background and may offload some resources from your PC, hence boosting the Windows 10 performance. Disable Windows Update Asking users to disable Windows Update is not sound advice as there can be security implications.

However, Windows is terrible at handling updates and makes the PC slow altogether. Also, Windows keeps downloading and transferring huge files in the background , which significantly slows down your PC. So it is better to disable the update and turn it on, only when you want to update your Windows 10 machine. It will offload unnecessary background processes and will notably speed up Windows So to disable Windows 10 updates, follow these steps.

Press Windows and R keys at once on your keyboard. Type services. The Services window will open. Note: While the above steps are good to stop the current cycle of Windows update, it gets reactivated after a while.

To fully disable Windows update, you have to block it using the firewall. I have written an extensive guide on how to completely block Windows update. In simple terms, Indexing means keeping a list of all the files located on your PC. It helps Windows in finding the file quickly when you hit the search button. However, on older PCs, the indexing process eats up too many resources and makes the PC remarkably slow. Note that if you are using a Windows PC with powerful configs, then disabling indexing will not make a considerable difference.

The reason I am recommending you to disable indexing is that having good performance all the time outweighs searching quickly once a day. So the bottom line is, if you are using an old PC with low configs, then go ahead and disable indexing to speed up Windows 10 PC. Note: The popular myth is that disabling indexing turns off Windows search. But that is simply not true. You can still search on your Windows PC, however, it will be a tad slower. The C: drive will then start deindexing and will take some time to complete the task.

The time depends on how long you have been using your PC. It may vary from 5 to 30 minutes. Now to completely disable indexing, open the Services window by pressing Windows and R keys. Here, type services. Of late, Windows has become incredibly bloated with useless apps and services. These apps take up crucial RAM, processing power, and disk space. It significantly slows down the system, leaving you with a laggy mess. So, we are using Administrator privilege and Execution Policy as a workaround to remove such apps and services.

Here are the steps to do it, which will finally speed up Windows 10 significantly. Note: We are using an automated PowerShell script to debloat Windows Also, make sure you are using Windows on your Administrator account for this to work. Extract the ZIP file and open it. On the first run, it will ask if you want to grant Execution Policy permission to the script. Now Windows 10 Debloater window will open. It will start removing such apps and services.

The process will take some time to complete so keep patience. Also, you will be prompted with many dialogues during the process to re-confirm your action. In this article, we take a look at installing and updating drivers in Windows I recently installed Windows 10 on an HP Elitebook to see how well the most recent Windows 10 build performs.

The Elitebook is a fairly recent model notebook which includes an assortment of hardware technologies. Windows Update is the premier starting point to resolve most common driver issues you might experience immediately after installing Windows Immediately, Windows Update will detect your system configuration and download all the appropriate drivers for your system. As you can see in the above screenshot, my Intel HD Graphics was installed automatically.

I did not even have to reboot the system. In addition to other hardware components were also detected and installed which includes my LAN adapter and card reader. When you perform a new install or upgrade, you should download the latest software drivers from the manufacturers website for your computer model. For laptops, make sure you download the latest Touch Pad drivers. There are other drivers you will probably need, but you can often download these through Windows Update after have a working Internet connection setup.

Drivers can normally be found in the Support section from the manufacturers website where you will find a Software and Drivers sub-section.

The method to find it will vary depending on the brand. You can go to your favorite search engine then enter the following query “model and make drivers download’ example: ‘hp p drivers download’.

This will often provide a direct link. Normally, you might not find native Windows 10 drivers. If this is the case, use the latest Windows drivers available for your model.

So if they only have Windows 7 drivers, try using those. Make sure you download the right drivers for your architecture 32 or 64 bit.

Proceed to download the appropriate drivers after selecting your version of Windows. The manufacturer might list two versions of the driver, always choose the latest.

Again, the procedures will vary, but as long as you can find the drivers and download section, normally available within Support, you should be able to get to the drivers. If you are reading this before upgrading, try having the essential drivers in advance. If your driver was not detected or installed by Windows Update, you can try installing the driver manually if you have a compatible version. Windows 10 and previous versions of Windows such as Windows 7 share the same driver model, so it should work.

Here I have selected to use an existing driver, browse to where the driver is located on your computer, whether that is a partition, network share, thumbdrvie or install disc. Make sure the option to Include subfolders is checked. If both Windows Update and driver update prove unsuccessful, the next option is Troubleshoot Compatibility. Troubleshoot Compatibility provides a simple way to make older drivers work under modern versions of Windows by making the driver believe it is being installed on a supported version of Windows.

The first thing you need to do is point where the setup files are located. Right click the setup file for the program, this can be designated as setup. Click Troubleshoot Compatibility. Depending on the problems you are experiencing when attempting to install or use the software, check off the problems.

In my case:. Select a version of Windows the program is known to work in. I notice the program works great in Windows Vista with Service Pack 2 , so I will select that option.

Click Next. Proceed to run the through the programs setup routine by clicking Test the program…. If you have a driver such as your video card automatically installing upon completion of installation and checking for Windows Update, try disabling automatic driver installation using the instructions in the following thread:. How to block automatic reinstall of a driver. Windows 10 Release Date Windows 10 was first released as a preview on October 1, , and the final version was released to the public on July 29, Windows 10 was famously a free upgrade for Windows 7 and Windows 8 owners, but that only lasted for one year, through July 29, Windows 10 Editions You can purchase Windows 10 directly from Microsoft or via retailers like Amazon.

Two versions are available: Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Home. Unless otherwise marked, all versions of Windows 10 include both bit and bit editions. Was this page helpful? Thanks for letting us know! Cookies Settings Accept All Cookies. While the FUT web app allows players to open packs and build their starter squads, they can now access the entire game and start enjoying the gameplay.

Customization and personalization are key aspects of the overall FUT experience. EA Sports has added a host of features over the years that allow fans to alter their stadium’s cosmetic appearance and pick up a mix of various kits and badges to create a unique club. This also extends to club names as they are crucial to the squad’s identity.

Personalized club names in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team allow fans to add their unique spin to their squad For returning users, their club name from previous installments will carry over to the latest game.



[Download windows 10 pro 64 bits 2022 ford

The Windows Hardware Lab Kit (Windows HLK) is a test framework used to test hardware devices and drivers for Windows 11, Windows 10 and all. Download and play Fortnite Battle Royale and Creative mode for free at the Epic Games Store. by Ford James OSWindows 10 bit. New and updated IT Pro content about new features in Windows 10, LTSC (also known as Windows 10 LTSB). Article; 12/09/; 2 minutes to read.


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